Why you need a drag queen for your bachelor / bachelorette party

Why you need a drag queen for your bachelor/bachelorette party. 


Your partner has popped the question what now? one of the most important events leading up to a wedding is a bachelor / bachelorette party. For those who have never thrown one of these parties, whether you are the best man, maid of honour or even the bride/groom themselves this article will explain why you need a drag queen for your bachelor / bachelorette party.  

Drag queens at the core of their profession when you strip it down are the world's most qualified party hosts. Working in nightclubs and bars every night of the week gives them a unique perspective on makes a good party/event. Having a drag queen for your bachelor / bachelorette party comes with many benefits. Like all performers every drag queen is different and will have a different skill set, some of the things a queen can do at your party. 

  • Lip sync numbers  
  • Dancing 
  • Comedy/hosting 
  • Singing  
  • Shot girl  
  • Makeovers  
  • Drinking games 
  • Celebrity impersonations  
  • Drag bingo 

These are just some of the things drag queens can do however the list goes on. Drag has become so mainstream in the recent decade which has led to it becoming more popular with the likes of bachelorette parties. But why go to a bar and sit in an audience with hundreds of other people when you can have your own private drag show in the comfort of your own home or party event space. Through websites like dragqueenbooking.com you can now book drag queens privately and have the appearance organised for you via the website. Want a singer? comedian? or even a Dj, it can all be arranged through dragqueenbooking.com.  

Forget something old school like a stripper, step into a new era with an entertainer that not only looks great but can perform like you have never seen before. The perfect way to celebrate a bride / grooms upcoming wedding. 


Why have a good party, when you can have a fierce one!